Mobile Power Station for law enforcement, fire, search and rescue
Alpha Power Base

Product Highlights

  • Fully Customizable:
  • AlphaCell Batteries
  • Alpha Battery Chargers
  • AlphaCell Generators
  • Roof Mounted Solar Panels
  • OutBcak Power Inverters
  • Description

    Alpha Power Base

    The Alpha Power Based can be fully customized to meet the power requirements of law enforcement, fire, search and resuce and other government and municipal agencies.  By leveraging Alpha’s 35 year history of providing power solutions for mission critical applications, the Alpha Power Commander offers a fully self-contained power solution for long and short term temporary deployments or permanent self contained remote installations, all offering immediate access to clean, reliable, silent 24/7 power, anytime and anywhere it is needed.

    • PowerBase Applications:

      • Homeland Security
      • Intelligence
      • Law Enforcement
      • Diaster Response
      • Defense
      • Command and Control
      • Area/Boarder Security
      • Surveillance
      • Protective Security Operations
      • Counter Drug Operations